Monday, July 21, 2008

tossing dough to the kitteh

a word of explain about the halp wanted thingy over thar -->
GolfWidow is a really funny blogger that I ran across many years ago on the Dave Barry blog. She's a big fan of Dave's and when she published a book a few years back, she dedicated it to him. recently, she and her husband were both "downsized" and the economy in their area has sucked, so they've decided to pack up and try to find work elsewhere. They've since run headlong into a few very sticky wickets and are in need of some help. read here to find out how you can help. read here to get a bit of back story and any info i may have missed or miss remembered. Also, buy her book. it's funny and clever. buy 2 even.

simon's cat

they are so funny and so dead on. my cats are just like that.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Multimedia message

I was out "in the field" checking out one of the sites i'm working on and a family of swans swam by.

Multimedia message

Multimedia message