Thursday, May 17, 2007

current projects

here is what I'm working on now:

Big Green Socks!

Boring Black Socks!


I intended to take a picture of a tank top i tried to knit so i could show it to Rita, but i cant find the damn thing. So instead, here are a few of my other failed projects:

this is a sweater i started but never finished. The pattern is from the January '05 Creative Knitting magazine, it's just a plain v-neck. I didn't like how the neck came out, i don't yet have the knack for making stitches along the side of a piece.

This is my first attempt at a pair of baby pants. one side came out different then the other and i couldn't get them sewn up properly.

this is a scarf i started. the pattern proved to be a little too complicated for me.

Here is an afghan i started. not only did i stop mid project, i stopped mid row.
This is a tree skirt i was going to give to my aunt for Christmas. last Christmas. didn't quite finish it in time.
and, of course, the half finished dish cloth

Monday, May 07, 2007

Multimedia message

Crabapple! It smelled so pretty