Thursday, May 17, 2007


I intended to take a picture of a tank top i tried to knit so i could show it to Rita, but i cant find the damn thing. So instead, here are a few of my other failed projects:

this is a sweater i started but never finished. The pattern is from the January '05 Creative Knitting magazine, it's just a plain v-neck. I didn't like how the neck came out, i don't yet have the knack for making stitches along the side of a piece.

This is my first attempt at a pair of baby pants. one side came out different then the other and i couldn't get them sewn up properly.

this is a scarf i started. the pattern proved to be a little too complicated for me.

Here is an afghan i started. not only did i stop mid project, i stopped mid row.
This is a tree skirt i was going to give to my aunt for Christmas. last Christmas. didn't quite finish it in time.
and, of course, the half finished dish cloth


rita said...

If I showed all of my failed projects, we'd be here all day!

I can't have just one project going at a time.

I'm not good at picking up stitches around necks either, but the bamboo top is good enough so I'll leave it alone.

Love the socks! That's where I learned to (more or less) neatly pick up stitches. It took several pairs, but I did it. You can too!

I've never started an afghan. I know I'd never finish it. I started a hand-quilted quilt when my kids were little (over 30 years ago, in other words) that I maybe finished 1/2. Never will be finished.

Leetie said...

Wow, you've been busy! The green socks are VERY cool. And I think that the baby pants are darling.

Finish that dishcloth! That won't take too long. :)

Trillian said...

I use the short row technique for heels to avoid picking up stitches :)

I think I've finished 2 afghans. one was a baby blanket - I can't remember who I gave it to. The other was a dark green one that i still have.

rita said...

I've never tried short row heels. I thought that what I was doing at the end of the heel flap was short row heels, but that just turns the heel. Maybe someday.