Thursday, May 17, 2007

current projects

here is what I'm working on now:

Big Green Socks!

Boring Black Socks!


rita said...

I have black yarn waiting to be made into a nice pair of sort-of fancy socks for me. I wear so much black these days and don't have an solid black handknit socks.

One of these days, but I'm not betting it'll be any time soon. I need new glasses before attempting that.

Thanks for showing your knitting!

rita said...

I love that green yarn. I looked it up yesterday but I forgot what it is; is it bamboo? Too lazy to look it up again.

Trillian said...

it is 95% wool, 5% silk
this was the yarn that was pulling apart on me. it seems like it was only the one skein though.

Trillian said...

linky link i'm using color #3

rita said...

It's absolutely gorgeous. I love anything with silk in it. I have some hand-dyed silk that I bought two years ago at the wool festival. Only because it was reduced in price. There's not a whole lot of it, so I have to find just the right project.

Does it take two skeins for socks? I rarely buy any "expensive" yarn for myself, but for socks I'll buy the best I can get.

Last week I finally bought some Claudia Handpaints sock yarn. Claudia is from my city and I've met her, but I didn't have any of her yarn till I had a bad day last week and needed a yarn fix. The only thing (so far) that I don't like about it is that the dye is rubbing off on my fingers, and that's just ugly. I hope it doesn't run when I wash it.

Trillian said...

its thicker than most sock yarns. each skein is 50 g but only 99 yards. depending on the size, you'd need around 1.5 skeins per sock.

I googled the Claudia Handpainted yarns. they're very pretty. I'm always tempted by the Cherry Tree Hill yarns at my local shop. maybe someday.

rita said...

Claudia's sock yarn doesn't have as much yardage as most yarns do, so I'm probably going to have to use blue for the heels and toes just to stretch it out some. It is nice yarn.

One of the LYS in town has absolutely gorgeous Blue Heron hand-painted rayon yarn reduced 30%--it's still $28 a hank, but it's 500 yards. I'd love to have some to make a top of some kind, but $90 for a top, on sale? I think not!