Tuesday, September 13, 2005

are all my moatie links showing up over there ----->?
I'm trying out that blogrolling thing. it keeps track of all your blog links and lets you know when they're updated


wolfie said...

I tried rolling a blog once. Turns out it wasn't dry enough to burn.

Brian B said...

Yeah, it's working. Where do you get the blogrolling thing?

Oh, and your a fan of that Jesse James guy from the motorcycle show right?

Apparently, a girl that my wife works with is friends with him, and next time he's in town, he's supposed to drop off a donation to the vet clinic they work at. They've started a donation pot to send down for animals affected by Katrina.

If I get to meet him, I'll take some pics for you.

Brian B said...


You're not your.

Trillian said...

you just sign up, enter all your links, and add a bit of code in the link section of your template.

Jesse James is cool. I think he married Sandra Bullock. He's from Monster Garage. I watch too much Discovery Channel.

Deontologist said...

It is a cool feature!

Hmmm. I might have to make your blog my first stop in my wanderings if it really works as advertised!

Hope things are well for you, Trillian.

trillian said...

hi Deon
things are well indeed, thanks
you pick up those Tool albums yet? :)

trillian said...

for the blogroller thing, if you just want to use my list, i could give you the line of code for you to stick on your site.

Marvin | Paranoid Android said...

"I am a Japanese School Teacher" is a MOATie?

trillian said...

it's a blog of interest. I ment to move it to my other links.