Friday, October 14, 2005

I've been diagnosed with cytomegalovirus.
Apparently, it's really common and not a big deal, but it sounds impressive and I can probably use it as an excuse to take a few days off.

Sorry boss, my cytomegalovirus is acting up and I'm not going to make it into work.

They tested me for a bunch of different viruses, one of which was Cat Scratch Fever. That would have been even better to call into work with.

Sorry I'm late boss, I got too close to a catnip mouse and next thing I knew, it was an hour later and I was swatting at imaginary flies. meow.


Eleanor said...

Condolences! Whatever the disease is it sounds like it will work almost as well as:

Woman to Boss: I need the afternoon off because I have a doctor appt re female -
Boss: I've heard enough - take all the time you need!

Mike Weasel said...

Alas, I don't think this works in reverse when a male has a female boss.

Man: I need the afternoon off because I'm going to have a prostate exam.
Boss: Nonsense, I can do that for you right now. *puts on rubber gloves* Bend over and drop trou!
Man: *gulp*

Lt. Woman said...

Ouchie Mike.. LOL

Trillian, I've had CMV. Years ago. Never even knew I had it till it showed up in a blood test later (yes, you are now officially and will always be CMV+) - makes no diff to almost anything, except if you donate blood, it will go on your record because you can't donate for immune suppressed people or babies, as it may kill either of them. Anyone else is just fine.

slyeyes said...

Great. Another disease my hypochodriac little self can imagine getting. Trillian; good luck and enjoy your days off.