Friday, November 18, 2005

I've decided to try my hand at the list of 50 things you don't know about me.
1. My favorite color is purple
2. I still feel guilty about lying to Mike Ford in 6th grade.
3. There is no 3. I say this in an attempt to be cool like other moaties.
4. I am not religious or spiritual.
5. I was raised Catholic, but never grasped the spiritual aspect of it. Until I was in 5th grade I thought going to church was something everyone did, like going to school. I was surprised to find out that not everyone is Catholic.
6. I am not a big fan of Christmas and I hate Christmas Music
7. My mother was murdered on the Monday following Thanksgiving by her crack addict boyfriend in 1999.
8. In my last conversation with her I had refused to stop by her apartment on Thanksgiving because he would be there.
9. I have a myriad of health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
10. I'm not even 30 yet and I'm on 5 different prescription medications. This depresses me sometimes.
11. I was taking The Pill for CAH, but was told to stop taking it as it could be raising my blood pressure. I am miserable with out it.
12. I don't have any close RL friends
13. I can make important decisions quickly, less important decisions I tend to over think.
14. I was named after a character on the Waltons.
15. My sister was named after a character on the sitcom Too Close For Comfort.
16. When I was a kid I used to sit in my closet with my pillow and comforter and read.
17. I am very easily amused and in a good mood most of the time.
18. I'm very egotistical about some things. I think I'm the smartest person at the company I work for.
19. I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
20. I hate country music except for Willie Nelson because I find him amusing.
21. My mother listened to country music.
22. My mother was an alcoholic, drug addict (prescription pain killers), compulsive liar, cheater, possible sex addict, and generally self-destructive.
23. I've made a great effort to be nothing like my mother.
24. The thought of posting this list frightens me because I don't like people to know how messed up I am.
25. I like to make things as easy as possible.
26. I got the job I have now because I went to school with the VP of the company. I can't stand the guy, but I knew he liked me (not romantically) and I figured it was easier then actually interviewing for a job
27. I don't talk much. The only thing I've said today is "good morning" to the receptionist.
28. I can't spell and my writing skills are lacking.
29. I don't lie. (With the exception of #2)
30. I don't like political correctness. If you think that women are stupid bitches and aren't qualified to be anything more then housewives, let me know. That way I will know to avoid you and/or key your vehicle.
31. I have written a fan letter to an actor.
32. I met my first boyfriend online playing Star Craft on Battlenet. He was a computer game programmer from L.A.
33. My great-great-grandmother was Native American.
34. I want to fly like an eagle to the sea, fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me. Or maybe that's just the Steve Miller Band talking.
35. I currently have 2 cats. They are named Bailey and Chloe.
36. We used to have 2 cats, one black one white, named Scotch and Soda
37. I'm extremely frugal. When I needed to buy a car, I chose the cheapest one on the lot.
38. I paid off my car loan yesterday.
39. When I was in my early teens, my mother asked me if I was gay. She didn’t understand why I wasn’t interested in boys; especially since she was sexually active by the time she was 14. I am not gay. NTTAWWT
40. In high school I listened to bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and others that were considered “Alternative”. My mother thought alternative = gay, and went around telling everyone about how “alternative” I was.
41. It is my theory that homosexuality is genetic and that it is a built in safety factor to prevent humans from over populating the Earth. This safety factor would be a lot more effective if people were more accepting
42. When I was around 12 years old, I would read Stephen King’s books and laugh my ass off. I thought they were hilarious. Then the scary clown turned into a ginormous spider and the children hit it with their slingshot. Now that’s funny
43. Alton Brown from Good Eats on the Food Network is my perfect man. He’s funny, smart, cute, kinda nerdy, and he can cook.
44. I am pro choice.
45. I don’t like being surrounded by people. I once went to a Wal-Mart on a Saturday and had to leave the store because there were too many people there.
46. I like to do things for myself and don’t like asking for help. Except for plumbing issues, as my father is a plumber and it’s good to let the old man feel useful once in a while.
47. I like to swim.
48. I have a crush on my high school computer science teacher. I even asked him out once. Luckily he said no, because I would have freaked out if he said yes.
49. I love Starbucks Mochas, but having caffeine makes me feel like I’m dieing.
50. I don’t drink very often, but I do like Guinness.


Eleanor said...

#45: I don't go to places where there are too many people either.
Good list. Thanks for sharing.

Leetie said...

Yes, a very good list! It's nice to hear how much we all have in common.

Alton is my favorite too. :)

Thanks for sharing.

Bismuth said...

It seems like the best posts always contain something to the effect of "I'm afraid to post this." This was no exception.