Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tool show the second

Tool show the second
In the summer of 1998, Tool was touring with Ozzfest and doing a few side shows with the Melvins. One of the shows was at a small sports arena in Toledo, Ohio. My sister and I drove down from Detroit to see the show. I was 21 and my sister was 15. Why my folks let me take my 15-year-old sister to a rock concert in another state, I have no idea. The tickets were general admission, so we got to stand on the floor and get pretty close to the stage. The show was amazing. Maynard came out dressed like a televangelist in a white three piece suit and a wig, but stripped down to his shorts half way through the show. The air-conditioning was broken and it got really really really hot in the arena, we were dripping with sweat. Maynard said "If you all stand still and stop breathing, it will get a lot cooler in here." They did a new version of the song Pushit that was a little mellower and they did a cover of Peach’s You Lied. The whole show was great and the arena was a great place to see Tool.

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