Saturday, January 01, 2005

mutual_loveall is scammer

I'm writing this on the off chance that someone googles the yahoo id mutual_loveall. mutual_loveall, "real name" paul sanda from nigeria, lagos started chatting with me November 23, 2007. I'm no idiot, I knew right off he was after something, but I played along to find out what it was he was after. Durring our first chat he let me know his dream of marrying a white woman

[18:09] mutual_loveall: i always pray to God to give me a white woman

NTTAWWT. soon after that he was telling me he'd like us to meet and wanted me to come to africa for christmas

[18:48] mutual_loveall: suppose i met you on time i would have invited you to spend this xmas with me
[18:49] trillian1977: in africa?
[18:50] mutual_loveall: yes
[18:50] mutual_loveall: cafrica is a nice place
[18:51] trillian1977: i'm sure it is, but i don't have a passport
[18:51] mutual_loveall: you can get it within two weeks
[18:52] mutual_loveall: all you need is your socail security number and the passport

hmm wonder how he knows so much about the process

[18:53] trillian1977: right now it's taking 6 weeks to get a passport
[18:54] mutual_loveall: that's serious
[18:55] trillian1977: yes. we now need a passport to go over to cananda, so lots of people are applying for one
[18:55] mutual_loveall: you should have gotten it
[18:56] mutual_loveall: it's good for future use
[18:56] trillian1977: i suppose so, but i don't plan to travel out of the country. i can't afford to
[18:58] mutual_loveall: should not be more dan $6,000
[18:59] trillian1977: that a lot of money
[18:59] mutual_loveall: hey! dont say that
[18:59] trillian1977: that is 2 and a half months of my salary
[19:00] mutual_loveall: dont you save?
[19:01] trillian1977: i can't, i'm barely getting by as it is with the house payment and car payment, utillities, insurance
[19:01] mutual_loveall: ok

I thought I'd let him know there was no money to be had here, to see if that would put him off. Supprisingly, it didn't. For the next few weeks we chatted off and on. He started proffessing his love for me and kept badgering me for a pic of myself. I explained that i didn't have one, and said I had no way of getting one, but he still kept asking for it. And he kept asking me "hw you control your self sexualy" huh? I'm still not sure what that was supposed to mean. Finally, on 12/21/2007, we got to what he was really after.

[15:39] mutual_loveall: so,whta do u have for me in the xmas?
[15:39] trillian1977: haha
[15:40] mutual_loveall: what is funny ?
[15:41] trillian1977: the thought of my having something for you for x-mas. why would i?
[15:42] mutual_loveall: does it sound strange?
[15:42] trillian1977: yes
[15:43] mutual_loveall: i dont think so
[15:44] mutual_loveall: does it mean yopu cant help me?even if am in a problem
[15:44] trillian1977: depends on the problem
[15:48] mutual_loveall: even as i'm talking to you now, am broke
[15:48] trillian1977: sorry to hear that
[15:49] mutual_loveall: srry,is not a solution ti it
[15:49] trillian1977: i don't think there is much i could do to help
[15:50] mutual_loveall: come on you are blessed already
[15:51] mutual_loveall: bcos,i blieve you dont lack anything
[16:00] mutual_loveall: i dont know hw am going to celebrate the xmas,bcos am broke
[16:02] trillian1977: i am sorry to hear that. but, to me, the most important part of christmas is being able to spend time with your loved ones
[16:05] mutual_loveall: not even the xmas is the is issue,wat am saying i dont have money now
[16:05] mutual_loveall: just broke girl
[16:06] trillian1977: i feel your pain. i'm barely getting by myself.

well, that didn't work out quite like he planned. the next day he changed tactics

[10:53] mutual_loveall: can u do me a favour?
[10:53] trillian1977: perhaps
[10:53] mutual_loveall: i want to come over
[10:53] mutual_loveall: can send for my coming over?
[10:54] trillian1977: why do you want to come?
[10:55] mutual_loveall: that has been my dream
[10:57] trillian1977: i don't think i know you or your intentions well enough to do that
[10:58] mutual_loveall: you are my intention and my target
[10:59] mutual_loveall: i have know as a very nice and good person
[10:59] mutual_loveall: i ever met online
[11:00] mutual_loveall: despite i have never seen ur pix
[11:02] mutual_loveall: pls,i will most happiest man on earth if u can help me with that
[11:03] trillian1977: i cant do that, it would be irresponsible of me to do so
[11:07] mutual_loveall: we could be soulmate
[11:08] trillian1977: i dont feel we are
[11:09] mutual_loveall: look at it and start feeling it
[11:13] mutual_loveall: talk to me pls?
[11:13] trillian1977: about what
[11:13] mutual_loveall: my coming over
[11:14] trillian1977: i won't help you with that

he still IMs me from time to time. i find it amusing to chat with him

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