Saturday, January 03, 2009

second christmas

My Aunt, bless her heart, has some strange ideas when it comes to buying gifts for my sister and I. First we have this:

It's a rock. With a cat painted on it. A pet rock if you will. Cute, but not what one would call useful.

25th anniversary cabbage patch kids. bought from QVC I think. She got 2 sets of three and gave 2 dolls each to myself, my sister, and her (my aunt's) son. again, cute and even nostalgic, but what am i supposed to do with cabbage patch kids?

A shirt. Cat shown for size comparison. But see how it's all wrinkly and textured? because it stretches out!

awesome! not.

OK, this is actually useful, if i can remember that i have it. I drink a lot of tea and often have to fish string less tea bags out of my mug

luckily my cousin hasn't inherited his mother's gift giving gene and got me something I can really use.

There is a long standing family history of buying my sister and I the same items in different colors. here is my sister modeling her fabulous shirt:


rita said...

OMG, something like that would show my every roll. Now that I can get into smaller-sized pants, doggone if it doesn't just slide north and hang out (literally) there. I'll have to wear my baggy old jeans till I can do something about that roll.

As for the rock: Etsy. Make some money off it. And the dolls: ebay those babies. Or regift them to someone who has kids.

I'm all about the money here.

Trillian said...

yeah, the shirt is definitely not flattering to just about every figure. good call on the ebay.

insomniac said...

the shirt looks like it's digesting her...