Thursday, February 12, 2009


Chloe is the cat who was in the Christmas photos before. She died Tuesday night. When i got home, she dashed outside as soon as the door opened. It was warm, so i just let her go and opened the doorwall so she could come in when she wanted. later that night I went to lock up and saw only Bailey in the living room. I opened the front door to see if Chloe was sitting on the front porch as she didn't always think to check the side door to see if it was open. Turned out she was in the field across the street, and when she heard the door open she came running home. Unfortunately, a car was driving down the street just then and it hit her. I ran and picked her up and carried her over to the lawn. She was alive, but only barely and she died a few minutes later. I had her for 12 years. my sister found her as kitten. someone had abandoned a pair of kittens by the side of the road. Sarah heard them meowing when she was on her way to school and brought them both home. we ended up keeping one and Sarah gave the other to a friend of hers. I'm having a little bit of difficultly dealing with it, both the shock of seeing her die and missing her. I went into work yesterday and managed to keep it together most of the morning with just a few discrete bouts of tears, but by the afternoon i was so tired from the effort and ended up having to go home early. Today was better, but i still get choked up now and then.


Leetie said...

I am so sorry!

And there I was making a joke about your sad emoticon... :(


Trillian said...

no worries, I needed the giggle.

rita said...

Oh, how awful! It's bad enough to find your sweet pet already gone, but to watch it happen..... All I can say is I've done it too, and it's just a terrible thing to witness.

At least (and I hope you'll pardon "at least") you were with her, and you had 12 years with her. She was beautiful, just beautiful, and I know that you took excellent care of her.

I had Chessie for 16 years. She's been gone for 14 years, and I still miss her every day, but I treasure the memories. You do, too, I know.