Sunday, August 21, 2005

About time for a new post, I guess. Today I'm avoiding housework by playing monopoly and listening to music. I'm obsessed with Tegan and Sara right now. These chicks rock

I'm new this whole blogging thing, so I don't know what to write about. My life is pretty boring. I'll I have is work and my recent interest in my health issues. I think that the health stuff may be a little TMI. As far as work, I enjoy the work but the job sucks.

The stat counter info for the blog is fascinating. Someone from Singapore found my blog from doing a web search for "upload wav file blog"


Deontologist said...

Hey, that Tegan and Sara is pretty good! I think you should blog more about music. Neither TMI nor boring engineer stuff. However, what a female engineer fancies as music is interesting -- to me at least.

Deontologist said...

Oh, and by all means, keep us apprised of how that lavender and chrome bathroom is coming! Photographic proof might be required.

Trillian DBB said...

can do