Tuesday, August 23, 2005

On music

The title of this post reminds me of my first year in college. I was studying Architecture at Kent State University in Kent Ohio. Because I had been a good student in High School and had high ACT and SAT scores (read: nerd) I was invited to be in Kent State’s “Honor College”. This entitled me to a small scholarship and the opportunity to live in one of the dorms set aside for Honor College members. I also had the chance to take certain Honor’s courses. For example, instead of taking a basic English class I could take an English Colloquium class. We had our choice of topics for the Colloquium and I chose “Myth and Religion”. One of our assignments was to read selected essays by Michel de Montaigne and write our own essay in a similar style. The style of the essays was sort of like this: the title would be “On (some topic)” and he’d start off on topic but then digress to something completely different. They were very “I think this that and the other and I’m right because I’m so awesome”. My essay was “On Books”. It started off about how my grandma had taught me how to read and how my mom refused to read the Little Bear books to me and somehow ended up about how I don’t like “neo-classical” architecture. I got an A.

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