Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Boring medical drivel ahead

I've recently started seeing a new doctor. She's been having me run around getting a bunch of different tests done to see what all is wrong with me. Since my father is diabetic, as was his mother and maternal grandmother, Doc sent me to have a glucose tolerance test done. The test went like this: I couldn't eat for 10 hours before hand. I had to be at the hospital at 7:00 am to get registered. Then they drew blood and had me pee in a cup. They ran a bunch of tests to see if the could do the glucose test. 1.5 hours later, they had me drink about 12 oz of a really sweet cola tasting beverage. 1 hour after that, again with the blood draw and the peeing in the cup. And again an hour after that. And once more an hour after that. The whole time I couldn't eat, drink, or leave the hospital.
Today I had an appointment with Doc to go over the test results. Happily, I have no sugar issues. To celebrate, I had a Twix bar and I plan to follow it with some baklava.

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Kafaleni said...

MMMMMMM yum!!!